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Gaming Club

About Us

Starting in 1989, the Gaming Club has worked to create hundreds of gamers from grades 8 to 12. The Club also has officers at both the senior high and the junior high levels.  The overall purpose of the club is to have fun and promote gaming of all sorts.  All students in the club must meet all criteria of the athletic codes (grades/behavior).   Responsibility, organization, teamwork/cooperation, etc. - are all taught in the club.  Monthly events are normally held at the junior high, and the Club also meets during the summer months.  

The D.C. Everest Gaming Club is a club dedicated to the practice and preservation of organized gaming of all types.  Some types of gaming include board gaming, role-playing, card playing, strategy-based gaming, anime, etc.  In Gaming Club, members participate in group games to expand their knowledge of games as well as make some new friends.

Types of Games that We Play

  • Board Games
  • Role Playing Games (RPGs)
  • Card Games
  • Dice Games
Logos and game boxes

Join the D.C. Everest Gaming Club

For more information, questions, or how to join, please contact Christian Ammon, the Club Advisor, 715-359-0511 Ext. 3116.

Find more information in the Gaming Club Canvas Class.